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Welcome to Kick the Drink, a resource designed to help and support anyone who finds themselves struggling to cope with the devastating effects that excessive drinking can have on their lives, and who would like to find a way out of the misery that a life of heavy drinking can bring.

Whether you are constantly struggling to moderate your drinking to within safe limits; are unable to control episodes of binge drinking, or find yourself totally immersed in the grip of full blown alcoholism, we aim through this site to offer some hands-on, practical and straight talking advice so that you can begin to work towards a way out of the trap you find yourself in and finally stop drinking alcohol.

We understand that people seek help for a number of different reasons when alcohol becomes an issue in their lives, and that there is no “one size fits all” solution which will help all of the people all of the time.

Maybe you have arrived at this site either:

  • Stop DrinkingBecause you have reached a point in your life where your drinking habits are out of control and this is having a negative impact on significant areas of your life, such as your work, your finances, your relationships and so on;
  • Perhaps you have tried to cut down or stop drinking excessively many times in the past, but have been unsuccessful, and have decided that to totally stop drinking is the only sensible option for you;
  • Or maybe you have already sought help from the traditional resources available such as your Doctor, Community Alcohol Team or local Charity Services and they have simply failed you, and you don’t know where to turn next to for practical help;
  • You may not be ready to totally stop drinking yet but have become concerned about the impact your drinking is having on you or those around you;
  • Or perhaps you have already managed to stop drinking for a while, but could use some on-going support and advice to keep you on your chosen path.

You Can stop drinking on your own!

Regardless of how much you are drinking right now; regardless of how long you have been drinking heavily in the past, and regardless of how many times you have tried to stop drinking before, it is within your power to stop drinking alcohol quickly, easily and permanently.

Although this might not seem possible for you right now in your current situation, and although you may feel very alone in your own personal battle with alcohol at the moment, realise that many others have been there too and have experienced the same worries, doubts and concerns that you may be having right now and yet have gone on to successfully turn their lives around. With an open mind, a real desire to create a change and some adjustments to your habitual patterns of thinking, you can make those changes too. It may not be as hard as you think to stop drinking for good!

There is no doubt that quitting drinking can be a confusing and frightening experience, particularly if you have become physically addicted to alcohol and have been using it as a social and psychological prop in your life for a long period of time. You may have many reservations or even fears as to how you will cope without alcohol, and you may well be confused as to the best route through the numerous “stop drinking” solutions on offer, or touted by various authorities or institutions.

Our aim is to cover each of these questions you may have and the issues you may face, and to present each of the various options open to you, not by way of any particular recommendation, but rather that you may be in a better position to make an informed choice as to the right strategy for you to stop drinking on your own terms and in your own way. After all, only you know what is right for you.

For example:

  • Do I need to attend AA meetings? That is up to you…
  • Do I need to get medical assistance to stop drinking? That is up to you…
  • Do I need to stop drinking completely, or develop a strategy to limit my intake? That is up to you…
  • Should I consider rehab? That is up to you…
  • Should I consider alcohol counselling? That is up to you…
  • Do I need to take medication to stop drinking?

Ok, you get the point.

Bear in mind however that when you stop drinking alcohol you will effectively be undertaking a major change in your life. And as with any change, this is a process rather than a singular event. By calmly taking your time to understand and embrace what these changes will mean to you and by fully evaluating all the various options open to you as you make these changes, you give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with Kick the Drink

The structure of this site has been developed to provide unique sections detailing every step of the process of quitting drinking – from the point at which you are still drinking to excess, through the planning and preparation stages to withdraw from alcohol, to the elements of support and assistance you may consider along the way, and so on. These steps continue beyond the early days of sobriety through to the stages of lasting recovery and relapse prevention planning. We also provide a section on designing and planning a new life once you are free from the grip of alcohol.

We realise that each individual will arrive at this site with their own particular needs, and at their own unique point in the process of recovery, even if that is currently right at the beginning, so dip in where you need to and use these resources to create your own pick and mix solution, as you see fit.

Wherever you are in your journey and whatever your reasons are for arriving at our site today, you are more than welcome. We hope you find the information we provide to be both useful and empowering to you.

Please take your time to browse the various posts and resources contained on this site – use whatever you find useful and skip what you don’t – but above all use whichever tools resonate most with you to create your own unique and personalised strategy towards a life free of alcohol. Finally take control – stop drinking alcohol and discover how you can enjoy your life so much more than you do right now.

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