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Welcome to Kick the Drink, which was written and developed as a direct result of my frustration at not being able to find an online resource to systematically guide me and help me through the various stages of my own journey towards recovery in the days when I was struggling with a severe alcohol problem.

Sure there is plenty of information out there on every conceivable aspect of quitting drinking if you are prepared to spend the time searching – something I’ve spent many a long evening doing in the past – but nothing which gives a “no frills” end to end breakdown of the process of quitting, and which gives the embattled and often confused drinker a path to follow.  A path which enables each individual to plot their own unique route and which offers some hope of being able to break the addiction to alcohol without relying on costly, and sometimes woefully inadequate outside support.

Kick the Drink is designed to be an information site fundamentally, rather than a chronicle of my own particular battle with alcoholism, although I may occasionally pop up in the blog area from time to time either to share periodic updates on my own progress or to have the odd rant or two.

I hope you find the resources contained on Kick the Drink both useful and informative, and that they genuinely help you in your own personal journey towards a life of sobriety.

I welcome any feedback you may have to any articles or through the various blog posts on this site.

You can contact me directly by using the form on the Contact page.

Thanks for visiting Kick the Drink, and I hope see you again soon!

Wishing you every success,



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