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A Kid’s Guide to the Effects of Alcohol

alcoholProper education regarding alcohol, it’s effects on the human body and mind, and also the social conditioning which surrounds alcohol use (misuse) is regarded as a sound basis for anyone wishing to control or completely stop their use of alcohol, and this is particularly true for young people as they enter the adult world and experience the social pressures associated with drinking.

I am grateful to one of our regular readers who pointed me to the following post from The Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Florida, which aims to educate young adults regarding the facts surrounding alcohol and answers some of the key questions often posed by kids in their educational programs.

Here is an extract from the post – you can read the full article at: http://www.steppingstonecenter.org/a-kids-guide-to-the-effects-of-alcohol/


Question: Why Do People Drink?

Answer: Many kids and teens start drinking because they are curious about alcohol or because their friends pressure them to try it. Sometimes, they drink only because other people are drinking and they want to fit in. Many think that it makes them look older or cooler; this isn’t true. Others might turn to alcohol or drugs because they experience depression or cannot cope with their emotions in an alternative way. Many people feel that alcohol is “an escape.” In reality, it can make problems even bigger.

Adults who drink socially do so to help them relax or because they enjoy the taste of the drink. Finally, many people simply drink because they need to; they may have an addiction and cannot bring themselves to stop.


Question: Why Shouldn’t I Drink?

Answer: A good reason to avoid drinking is because it is illegal and there may be very serious legal consequences if you are under 21! Besides this, alcohol is bad for your health and your developing brain.

Drinking even a little can lead to an addiction, especially if there is a genetic history of alcoholism in the family. Quite often when people, especially kids, drink, they end up doing things that are extremely embarrassing or dangerous; they lose control of themselves and make poor decisions. Drinking a lot can cause people to vomit. In some cases, they might even need to be rushed to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped if they have alcohol poisoning. The morning after drinking can result in a hangover: a strong headache, nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. It’s a very unpleasant experience!


Question: What Should I Do if Someone Asks Me to Drink?

Answer: Saying no to peer pressure or a dare is difficult. Many kids use an excuse, so that they can turn down alcohol without looking uncool. Other kids may be straightforward and tell others that they do not want to drink. If they ask why, you could say that you don’t like it, that you don’t want to or that you avoid it for health reasons.

Remember that your true friends will respect your decision. For example, would you force someone to eat live bugs if you both know that it is bad for you? People who continue to pressure you are showing that they don’t care about your health or about the dangerous consequences.


Question: What Should I Do if I Know Another Kid Who Drinks?

Answer: If you cannot safely get out of a negative situation involving alcohol, call an adult to help. You can also call the police department. Voice your opinion and talk to your friend about drinking to show them that it is not a wise decision. Talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent or a guidance counselor and voice any concerns.


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