Feb 22

Alcohol Addiction: Escaping the Alcohol Trap


Now Available on Amazon Kindle!


alcohol addiction: escape the trapIf you like the great content we’ve provided here on Kick-the-Drink, and you find value in what we’ve shared, then great news!

We have taken all the key elements of the site and packaged them together in a fantastic new eBook resource which is now available on Amazon Kindle.

The book is available in most markets across the globe: the links below are for the US and UK versions, but if you are in a different market, then just search the book title, or author name (Adam Bolter).

Although the book will be listed for a regular price of around $3, we will be running regular promotions where you will be able to pick the book up for $0.99, or even for free, so keep you eyes open for these deals.

The book is structured very much like the site, providing unique sections detailing every step of the process of quitting drinking. From the point at which you are still drinking to excess, to the planning and preparation stages as you withdraw from alcohol, to the elements of support and assistance you may consider along the way, and so on.

These steps continue beyond the early days of sobriety through to the stages of lasting recovery and relapse prevention planning.

Also covered is a section on designing and planning a new life once you are free from the grip of alcohol.

So like the site, this book is designed to allow you to dip in where you need to and take these resources to create your own pick and mix solution, as you see fit.

I hope you will consider adding this fantastic resource to your “control alcohol” toolkit, and if you like the book then we would really appreciate a positive review on Amazon. It makes a big difference to our rankings and ultimately allows us to spread our positive message to a much wider audience.

View on Amazon dot com

View on Amazon dot co dot uk


Escaping the Alcohol Trap – Promotional Video

Here is the promotional video we posted to YouTube – again your positive comments, ‘likes’ and shares would be much appreciated!



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