Feb 22

Alcohol Addiction: Escaping the Alcohol Trap

  Now Available on Amazon Kindle!   If you like the great content we’ve provided here on Kick-the-Drink, and you find value in what we’ve shared, then great news! We have taken all the key elements of the site and packaged them together in a fantastic new eBook resource which is now available on Amazon …

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Jul 03

Overcome Alcohol Addiction with Positive Affirmations

Defeat your alcohol dependence from the inside out!

In order to fully take control of our drinking it not only requires us to stop the physical act of drinking alcohol, but also to change the mental programming underlying that drinking behaviour. One of the easiest and most powerful ways of achieving this is through the use of Positive Affirmations.

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Oct 18

The Stages of Quitting Alcohol

Are There Distinct Stages when Giving Up Alcohol? Some of the most common Google search terms which brings visitors to this site are “stages of quitting drinking”, “stages of quitting alcohol” and “stages of giving up alcohol”. Now although there is a section on this site dedicated to these very questions, I thought I would …

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Mar 22

Alcohol and Caffeine – The ‘Wide Awake Drunk’

Since it is known that caffeine acts as a stimulant, whilst alcohol (eventually) has a sedative effect, many drinkers have the mistaken belief that by drinking the two together they are simply cancelling each other out.

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Mar 07

10 Steps to Conquer the Fear of Change

Light Bulb Change

Change can be a scary thing, even if it seems like it’s the most sensible, logical and positive thing to do.

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Feb 22

Ever Had One of Those Days?

It’s hard to suppress a smile when reading the sorry tale of this hapless individual who went to a job interview with the UK Police Force, but instead of landing himself a dream job in I.T., was promptly arrested and charged with drink-driving… I mean, turning up for a job interview. With the Police. At a …

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May 23

Why am I a drunk?

Why am I a drunk? It’s a question that is often asked on park benches, late nights in hotel bars or even in up market restaurants  often when the evening gets late or the morning begins. The Truth? Alcoholism has no respect for wealth, religion, creed, political bias, or class. I used to struggle with …

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Feb 12

A Kid’s Guide to the Effects of Alcohol

Proper education regarding alcohol, it’s effects on the human body and mind, and also the social conditioning which surrounds alcohol use (misuse) is regarded as a sound basis for anyone wishing to control or completely stop their use of alcohol, and this is particularly true for young people as they enter the adult world and …

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Jan 03

The ‘Dryland’ Games…

As New Year’s Resolution fever grips the public attention once more, 3 leading UK charities are making the most of the opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking, particularly the implications on our long term health. Cancer Research UK has launched what it’s calling ‘Britain’s first Dryathlon’, and is asking people to …

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Dec 23

‘Tis the Season to be (Jolly) Careful!

Whether you are actively trying to limit your alcohol intake, or have managed to achieve sobriety in your life, Christmas is the one time of the year that remains a major relapse threat unless you remain on your guard. You may well have become very adept at managing your drinking thinking, through techniques such as …

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