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Balanced Stones topfer
Beach getye1
Boss acambaro77
Buddha fugue
Chess Pieces bluehor
Coil saavem
Cool Teens selwyn25
Couple Talking Bobby Mikul
Couple Talking1 alfredo-9
Depressed Girl tizwas01
Doctor kurhan
Doctor1 kurhan
Drunk in Park smrcoun
Empty Bottle lusi
Exclamation cobrasoft
Glass of Champagne Maikeul
Half Empty Egahen
Happy Woman obyvatel
Ill dmoola
Jogging Man iwanbeijes
Joining Hands juliaf
Last Drop nkzs
Pills scataudo
Pills1 adamci
Pouring Wine blary54
Relaxing Scene albertoibz
Seedling eocs
Signpost killick1
Sleeping Drunk proxop
Telephone Notes wagg66
The Finger Fastfood
Tick bredmaker
Tipping Point capgros
Troubled Girl JoanaCroft
Using Keyboard hoboton
Vit C scataudo
Warm Up cempey
Weathered Face txipo
Which Way sundstrom
Woman with Diary Jan Willem Geertsma
Worse for Wear melodi2
Writing HelenMary
Yawn intuitives


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Soundtrack on “The Alcohol Trap” YouTube video: “On The Run” by Andreas Lutz.

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