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What is Declinol?

declinol Standard productDeclinol is a totally safe non-pharmaceutical, non-prescription supplement which helps minimize alcohol cravings and supports you to easily cut back or quit drinking alcohol at your own pace while maintaining your normal daily schedule.

Declinol is manufactured in the USA from high-quality 100% natural ingredients in FDA-registered GMP-compliant facilities. The supplement was originally formulated for and used by doctors, however, it is now available for use at home in a range of options:

  • For drinkers who are trying to cut back a drink or two, or for occasional alcohol cravings, there are Declinol Regular Strength sprays.
  • For medium-use drinkers or occasional binge drinkers, the recommended version is the Extra Strength kit.
  • For those who need the maximum support and want to cut right back or completely quit, doctors use and recommend one of the Clinical Strength kits.

Just decide which version is right for you and your current goals and use the product as part of your strategy to work towards these goals. Once you have managed to achieve the desired outcome for you, then use monthly Declinol supplements to maintain the cravings support and help keep you at optimum health and minimize risk of relapse.

How Declinol Works

The Sprayer

Declinol SprayersThe revolutionary and groundbreaking Delcinol Sprayer is designed to deliver a precise, highly atomized, fast-acting concentrated mist of targeted ‘cravings control’ ingredients for on-the-spot, in the moment relief. If you find yourself in a social situation involving alcohol, and you can’t rely on your willpower alone, then this is your secret weapon!

Independent studies show sub-lingual (under the tongue) absorption is one of the fastest ways to get active ingredients into your system – and the 20-dose, compact LifeMode Sprayer is the easiest way to accomplish it.

The LifeMode Spray is designed to fit neatly in your pocket or bag so you always have it with you when you need it.

Declinol™ Sprayers can be used in conjunction with the Declinol™ Clinical capsules to promote cravings control and to help restore your optimum health while you reduce your alcohol intake. The Declinol™ Sprayer can be used up to 3 times per day, and up to 4 sprays per dose to help minimize cravings prior to normal drinking patterns/times or as cravings occur through the day or night.

Keep a Declinol™ Sprayer with you at all times to help control sudden or situational cravings.


The Capsules

Here are some of the key active ingredients contained in Declinol™ Capsules:

Daidzin, (Puerariae Radix, Kudzu)

One of the most important components of Declinol™ is a derivative of an herb named Puerariae Radix, also known as Kudzu Root. Daidzin from Kudzu has been studied extensively for its ability to support craving control for alcohol, and it has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over 1000 years as an alcohol cravings support tool.

Gentian (Bitter Herbs)

Alcohol can cause several digestive issues affecting the stomach and liver. Compounds known as bitter herbs have been used for centuries to improve digestion. Gentian is considered to be the most effective of this class of herbs. Alcohol is known to contribute to blood sugar imbalances, and Gentian has been shown to have a positive effect on glucose balance to help promote healthy glucose metabolism.

Vitamin Blend

It is well recognized that vitamins play a key part in our physiological function. Studies show that alcohol use depletes certain vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum function and wellness. Declinol capsule products contain the most critical vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements related to alcohol use deficiencies, including the B Vitamin family of Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and also Vitamin C, among others.

Alcohol is also a well-documented depressant, and B vitamins (along with other compounds) can help regulate mood function.


Choose the Declinol Solution to suit you


Regular Strength

Declinol Regular Strength

Regular strength Declinol™ is perfect for those who may frequently regret drinking “one too many”, maybe after work, on a Friday night, or each time they attend a social event, and just want to cut back a bit and stay in control of their drinking.

Ideal for drinkers who are trying to cut down the amount they drink, or to safely manage occasional alcohol cravings.



Extra Strength

Declinol extra strength

Extra strength Declinol™ can help those who drink alcohol on a regular basis, or maybe they are occasional binge drinkers, but who want to cut back, switch to occasional use, or quit altogether.

This version of Declinol™ comes in capsule format and also includes a sprayer for emergency use, or as needed prior to being in a social environment where alcohol will be present.



Clinical Strength

Declinol Clinical Strength

Declinol™ Clinical Strenth formula was originally designed for doctors and clinics. The Declinol 30 Day kit consist of a 30-day supply of Clinical capsules and 2 Declinol™ Clinical sprayers.

Declinol™ Clinical capsules have the maximum dose of cravings support ingredients to help you get to your target consumtion goal quickly. In addition the capsules contain the key vitamins thay are depleted in people who consume excessive alcohol, helping you to feel better quickly.

Declinol™ Clinical spray contains faster acting cravings support, and is quickly absorbed under your tongue working quickly to assist in reducing your cravings.



How Long Will I Need To Use Declinol?

While indiviual requirements will differ depending upon factors such as the length of time and quantity of alcohol consumed, most people will normally need 2 to 3 months to fully change their physiology and learned behaviours to achieve a new routine of reduced or no alcohol, however, regardless of how long it takes to achieve your specific goal, Declinol™ provides ongoing vitamin supplement and cravings support to help keep you at optimum health and minimize risk of relapse.

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