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This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life


This Naked Mind

Millions of people worry that drinking is affecting their health, yet are unwilling to seek change because of the misery and stigma associated with alcoholism and recovery. They fear drinking less will be boring, involving deprivation, difficulty and significant lifestyle changes.

This Naked Mind offers a new solution. Packed with surprising insight into the reasons we drink, it will open your eyes to the startling role of alcohol in our culture. Annie Grace brilliantly weaves psychological, neurological, cultural, social and industry factors with her extraordinarily candid journey resulting in a must read for anyone who drinks.

This book, without scare tactics, pain or rules, gives you freedom from alcohol. By addressing causes rather than symptoms it is a permanent solution rather than lifetime struggle. It removes the psychological dependence allowing you to easily drink less (or stop drinking). Annie’s clarity, humor and unique ability to blend original research with riveting storytelling ensures you will thoroughly enjoy the process.

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Alcohol Addiction: Escaping the Alcohol Trap

Escaping the Alcohol TrapWhether you are constantly struggling to moderate your drinking to within safe limits; you are unable to control episodes of binge drinking, or you find yourself totally immersed in the grip of full blown alcoholism, this book will offer you some hands-on, practical and straight talking advice so that you can smash your way out of the trap you find yourself in and finally take control of alcohol!

“Escaping the Alcohol Trap” charts the key insights, learnings and experiences from my own struggles with alcohol, as I changed every area of my life. In this book I share the specific tactics, strategies and tools that will change your life also.

This book has been structured to provide unique sections detailing every step of the process of quitting drinking. From the point at which you are still drinking to excess, to the planning and preparation stages as you withdraw from alcohol, to the elements of support and assistance you may consider along the way, and so on. These steps continue beyond the early days of sobriety through to the stages of lasting recovery and relapse prevention planning.

If you’re really serious about kicking the drink and taking control of alcohol once and for all, then take action now!

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Alcohol Explained

Alcohol Explained is the definitive, ground-breaking guide to alcohol and alcoholism. It explains how alcohol affects human beings on a chemical, physiological and psychological level, from those first drinks right up to chronic alcoholism. Alcoholism and problem drinking seems illogical to those on the outside, indeed it is equally perplexing for the alcoholic or problem drinker. This book provides a logical, easy to follow explanation of the phenomenon and detailed instructions on how to beat it. Despite being entirely scientific and factual in nature the book is presented in an accessible and easily understandable format.

“This is an excellent book written by an inquisitive and educated author who during a period of his life suffered from alcoholism. The book explains in an easily understood language the various effects that alcohol has on our body. In my opinion the text would serve as a great handbook not only for those struggling with alcohol but also medical students as part of their education. I am sure some of my own patients troubled with alcoholism in recent years could have benefited from reading William’s book and I will be recommending it going forward.” Håvard Molvik MD, MRCS, MSc, MRCGP.

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Alcohol Lied to Me: The Intelligent Way to Escape Alcohol Addiction

Craig Beck is a well-regarded family man with two children, a nice home and a successful media career. A director of several companies & at one time the trustee of a large children’s charity. Craig was a successful & functioning professional man in spite of a ‘2 bottles of wine a night’ drinking habit. For 20 years he struggled with problem drinking, all the time refusing to label himself an alcoholic because he didn’t believe he met the stereotypical image that the word portrayed.
He tried countless ways to cut down; attempting ‘dry months’, banning himself from drinking spirits, only drinking at the weekend & special occasions (and found that it is amazing how even the smallest of event can suddenly become ‘special’).

All these ‘will power’ based attempts to stop drinking failed (exactly as they were destined to do). Slowly he discovered the truth about alcohol addiction & one by one all the lies he had previously believed started to fall apart. For the first time he noticed that he genuinely didn’t want to drink anymore. In this book he will lead you though the same amazing process.

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Addiction: Alcohol – Top Ten Cravings Busters:  Proven Strategies to Stop Cravings.

You don’t have to sign up to Alcoholics Anonymous or go into rehab to want to cut down or stop temporarily or permanently. You just want a rest or to dial down the significance that alcohol has in your life. This book will help you do this. If you are fearful about what happens when you want a drink and can’t have one, these are proven, real life wins from the legions of success stories before your own. If you have tried to stop and found it grim so you have cracked or you are scared of even starting. Well, it needn’t be that way. You can be free of alcohol and the wish to drink.

You need to arm yourself, Craving Busters style. You need to have a have a range of weapons when you get the urge or the yearning to drink. Different cravings buster strategies are appropriate for different settings. It is harder work to entertain a craving – having to cope with the mental debate in your brain, when a craving strikes. Most people crack because the debate, the uncertainty of the “Go on” “No! “Go on” “I can’t”argument is so uncomfortable and unresolved that they choose to drink, just to stop the internal argument. They break the siege just because the siege is so uncomfortable. You hear so many times people say “I didn’t even want to drink! But I could not stop myself”. Yes you can, using my ten strategies. Read and empower yourself. Succeed on what you really want to do, put alcohol in its place and get on with being the best version of yourself.

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