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Introducing Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy can be useful as part of the rehabilitation process for addictions. Hypnotherapy as a treatment works by relaxing the individual and allowing the therapist access to the unconscious mind to work out the cause of the problem. In order to overcome addictive behaviour, it is firstly important to understand how the problem developed and why the individual became dependent on alcohol as a coping mechanism. Hypnosis will allow the therapist and individual to work together to create better coping strategies and change attitudes towards alcohol.

Hypnotherapy Directory is an online directory listing UK-wide hypnotherapists who have shown proof of their qualifications and insurance, or are registered with a professional body Hypnotherapy Directory recognise. The aim of the site is to connect those who need help with a hypnotherapy professional most suited to their needs.

The website was created as we felt passionate about the use of hypnotherapy alongside conventional treatments for health benefits. We wanted our site to be more than a standard directory of hypnotherapists so we created a resource full of advice, information and news about hypnotherapy, as well as a confidential way to contact a suitable professional.


For more information please visit: http://www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk/articles/alcoholabuse.html

Hypnotherapy directory


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