Staying Sober

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Entering Recovery

Recovery – Which Way Now? One of the biggest challenges facing the ex-drinker in the early days of sobriety is what to do with all of the free time he or she now has available as they enter recovery. Whether you realised it or not, when you were drinking it was pretty much a full …

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Managing Your Health

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind In the first few days and weeks after giving up drinking the benefits to your health, both physically and mentally should be very apparent, as your body recovers from the years of abuse and neglect and you begin once again to experience life on a more even keel. Early health benefits …

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Creating Lasting Change

Life Without Alcohol If you have reached the point in your journey to quit drinking alcohol where you have been through the withdrawal stages, have experienced the highs of the Honeymoon period as you adjust to life without alcohol, and have arrived at some kind of equilibrium in your life then you have no doubt …

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Designing a New You

Escaping the Alcohol Trap A life spent consumed by alcohol addiction is essentially a life on hold. The constant and ever-present preoccupation with drinking excludes all opportunities for personal development and stunts personal growth. In developmental terms you become stuck – never moving forward in life, never expanding your experiences, never broadening your horizons, never …

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Relapse Prevention

The End of the Beginning “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Sir Winston Churchill For those who are struggling to cope with alcohol addiction, and have become deeply embedded in a cycle of alcohol dependent behaviour, the treatment …

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