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Considering Your Options

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research stage

First Steps

Embarking on Change If you have reached the point where, for whatever reason, you have decided to stop drinking then this section will help you to make a plan by identifying the resources which are right for you and which takes account of all the influencing factors in your specific situation. This means both researching …

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The Stages of Change

The Stages of Change model When taking the decision to stop drinking alcohol you are effectively embarking on a major lifestyle change. This is particularly true if your drinking has developed into an addiction, and has come to dominate all aspects of your life in one way or another, since when you quit pretty much …

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Assessing Your Drinking

Taking a Personal Drinking Inventory There is a well worn saying that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. But even if you do know exactly where it is you want to get to, you still need to have an accurate fix on your starting point in order to …

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Getting Help to Stop Drinking

Help and Support to Stop Drinking Once you have made the decision to stop drinking alcohol, and you have conducted an honest and probing assessment of the impact that alcohol is having on your life, the next step is to evaluate how much support you think you will need in order to successfully stop drinking …

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Glass of Champagne

Who Should You Tell?

Disclosure – Who needs to know? Before launching in to your plan to stop drinking it’s worth spending a bit of time considering the subject of disclosure – that is, which people you intend to tell about your plans, and how much you intend to tell them. This is important because such a major change …

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Medication Options

Medication to Stop Drinking Although there is no known medical cure for the alcoholic condition – that is there is no pill or medicine which can cure alcoholism, or return the drinker to their pre-alcoholic state – there are medications which are used during the treatment of alcoholism in certain cases. These medications are only …

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