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First Steps

Embarking on Change

If you have reached the point where, for whatever reason, you have decided to stop drinking then this section will help you to make a plan by identifying the resources which are right for you and which takes account of all the influencing factors in your specific situation.

planning to quit drinkingThis means both researching which resources are available to you in your local area (including whether they are within the timeframe and cost constraints of your plan), and also realistically assessing your own levels of motivation and to what degree you are willing to embrace change.

This is important since the process of change rarely happens in a single step – generally we go through a number of stages on the way to the change we desire. Therefore it helps to recognise exactly where we are in the change process in order to ensure that we match the right resources to our specific needs as we journey through that process.

It is also important that we honestly and realistically assess to what extent we are physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol, as this will determine the extent of medical supervision we may need during the detox process, and will also help us to anticipate the likely symptoms we can expect during detox.

You may also wish to consider to what extent you will involve others in your plans. It is highly likely that people you deal with on a day to day basis, such as close friends and work colleagues will notice that some level of change is occurring within you. How you handle this and who you chose to involve is, of course, totally down to you, but you may want to think through how you will deal with any awkward questions or conversations which the changes may prompt.

These issues are covered in detail in the following sections which you can access either from the top menu bar or by clicking the links below:


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